Top Five Things to do With Kids in Geraldine

Planning to take your kids for a holiday in Geraldine? Well, this might be one of the best decisions you’ve made. The region has a combination of fun and educational activities that your kids will enjoy. The top five of these are listed below.

The Farmyard Holiday Park

This 17-hectare piece of land presents a serene environment to explore farm life. Some of the activities your kids can take part in include camping, dancing under the moon in the night and fun activities in the cabins. The park has self-contained family cottages.

The Vintage Car and Machinery Museum

Apart from science and nature, Geraldine will get your children fascinated about old cars and several types of machinery. The museum has a wide collection of classic and vintage tractors, cars and several other vehicles. A visit to this museum is perfect for kids who are into motor and machines.

The Farm Tours

Most kids love nature and enjoy seeing, if not touching different animals. The farm tours in Geraldine provide a great place for learning a lot about nature while interacting with different animals. There are many tamed animals and the landscape is excellent for a family picnic.

The Geraldine Observatory

Do your kids get fascinated by the stars and other heavenly bodies? If the answer is yes, then they will love Geraldine, thanks to the Geraldine Observatory. The observatory provides practical experience on nature, particularly the stars.

The Geraldine Cinema

After a long day of enjoying nature and learning several facts on science and the stars, a stopover for a classic movie at the cinema is the perfect way to end the day. Though many kids are accustomed to watching whatever they want on their iPads, a family movie time, the traditional way will help create lasting memories.


If you are not sure about Geraldine being a great destination for your kids, the above sites should help you decide.