Top Five Sites to See in Geraldine

When it comes to going on holiday in Geraldine, you do not want to waste any minute being unsure of where to go. It maybe you won a five-night holiday for two, or you took some time off from work to relax; either way, you will need this guide to help you get to at least five amazing sites in Geraldine.

Horse Trekking at Peel Forest

If you love horses, then you will be pleased to know that you can enjoy several hours of horse trekking at Peel Forest. Apart from the horses, you will explore different flowers and plant species then learn a little about the Maori Culture.

Geraldine Observatory

Geraldine is a great destination for people who love astronomy. The observatory will give you the experience of a lifetime. It is a privately-owned observatory and it has state of the art equipment.

Alpaca Walk at the Waihi River

Taking a nature stroll has a way of relaxing your mind and there is nothing as relaxing as taking a stroll along the Waihi Riverwhich is surrounded by a four peak range. You might also encounter pet lambs, rabbits and guinea pigs as you explore the area.

Water Rafting at Rangitata White

After taking some long strolls, going for water rafting will spice up your experience. The site is an excellent rafting site thanks to the intersection between different rivers from the Peel Mountains.

The Famers’ Market

Time to pick up a souvenir or an amazing snack. Saturdays are the best days to pass by the market, especially between October to April. From honey cheese to handmade artefacts, you will not lack something fascinating to carry home to feast on with your eyes or to savour with your taste buds.


Geraldine is practically virgin territory awaiting to engage your exploration interests. You will not regret the visit.